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Protect your organization with a comprehensive posture assessment, which includes a penetration test of your organization by a globally qualified team from Inovasi Solusi Internasional . Our consultants are ready to help you protect your organizations in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru etc. Our Penetration Test Service is not only cover Indonesia. We are also cater for Philippines and major city in Philippines

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a technique to protect your organization against external and internal threats by identifying the security threats. It is an on demand activity and EGS offers a broad range of Network Infrastructure, Web application, Mobile Application Security assessment services designed to detect and gauge security vulnerabilities.

Why do Indonesian and Philippines Organizations need Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing ?

Considering the recent hacks globally, it has become imperative for Indonesian companies to keep their information secure. Inovasi Solusi Internasional helps in

  • Prevention from damage dealt to an organization’s reputation
  • Investments on fixing the issues caused by attack
  • Preventing confidential data and Intellectual Property being stolen
  • Prevention of revenue loss due to service disruption and much more.

This service is an absolute necessity for all organizations although, many regulated organizations are driven to do so as part of their regulatory compliance framework. Others are concerned about corporate liability and some do it just as a network hygiene protocol.

Inovasi Solusi Internasional experts conduct this service either as part of a monthly, quarterly, or annual contract and we can meet your penetration testing requirement regardless of your industry.

Our Approach

There are  5 Stages Approach of EGS :

  • Stage 1 : Information Gathering
  • Stage 2 : Manual and Automated Scanning
  • Stage 3 : Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment
  • Stage 4 : Exploitation
  • Stage 5 : Remediation and Reporting

Our penetration testing skills and experience:

  • Our experts possess leading industry certifications
  • We provide a proprietary management and technical report framework
  • We employ a proven and tested methodology
  • We conduct Internal and External penetration testing, vulnerability assessment,
    Web application testing and even comprehensive security posture assessment


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